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What is ScareLA?


Los Angeles’ own ScareLA is the only summer convention dedicated to celebrating all things Halloween and horror. It’s for terror creators, scare professionals—a blessing for those who can’t possibly wait until Halloween. Whether you seek cosplay workshops, spooky mini-haunts, exclusive screenings, or much more, you’re bound to unleash your inner monster at ScareLA.


How Knockout Image Comes In


Knockout Image partners with ScareLA to raise visibility and increase ticket sales by 80%.


ScareLA aimed to increase ticket sales in order to fill up the Pasadena Convention Center, a new space for them this year. They decided to renovate their social media marketing strategy by expanding from basic self-promotion to creating genuine online communities. 


The goal was to find which channels not only reached, but engaged the most scare fans and haunters. Knockout Image implemented a Social Sweepstakes, where “Scare Stars” could share Knockout Image’s curated content and recruit more users in the program. 



The Solution


After becoming familiar with ScareLA’s unique brand and extensive selection of vendors/services, Knockout Image designed a three-phased solution: drive ticket sales, marketing & branding content development, and ScareLA’s 2016 campaign along with business development. 


By curating unique content and pushing #ScareLA through the Social Sweepstakes, Facebook, and Instagram, Knockout Image would increase visibility and ultimately help increase ticket sales. 


30 radio spots were programmed on KIIS FM and JACK FM over a week-long period catered to families in order to increase general admission.


The Knockout Image production team would cover the event—beginning to end, interviewing talents and capturing haunting moments—to provide foundation for ScareLA’s video marketing plan for 2016. 


Knockout Image implemented a step-n-repeat and photo booth activation to increase day-of social media mentions. The step-n-repeat would be used for day-of photo contests, interviews, and enhancing front-desk aesthetic. 


The Results


After utilizing targeting options through Facebook ads and creating sharable content through the Social Sweepstakes, Knockout Image significantly raised visibility. #ScareLA was trending on both Instagram and Twitter at the same time. 


The Social Sweepstakes program had 54% of users sharing on Facebook and 44% on Twitter with an average age of 35-years-old. 


In a month period, ScareLA’s Facebook page received 4,500 likes, growing by 18%. Four the top five Facebook posts were engaging videos. Two Facebook ads received 797 website clicks and reached over 42,000 users over a week period.


In a month period, ScareLA’s Instagram saw an increase of 208% in followers! 


In the month of August, average number of likes on posts doubled, and total number of likes TRIPLED!


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