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by Nicole Adelman, Events and Marketing Coordinator

If you're lucky enough to already know what you’re dressing up as this Halloween, putting together an elaborate costume is not always as easy as it sounds. But don’t underestimate the power of make up and some body paint! Get together with some friends this Halloween and find some creative ways to create your costume!

Below, you can see some friends I painted for Halloween last year: Medusa, Harley Quinn, and Skull face make up that showcases standard contouring that you can use for ANY costume!

photo 2.PNG
Harley Quinn
photo 1.PNG
Skull Face
photo 1.JPG

Nicole Adelman

The night of Halloween, my girlfriend still had no idea what she wanted to dress up as. She had some cute costume pieces, but no fun and creative ideas to go with her black bustier and boots. Simple fix: Harley Quinn! I just used some black and red paint to cover everything above the bustier line, put some powder on her face, painted her hair, added glitter.. and voila! Instant attention grabber and sexy way to glam up some basic costume pieces!

So if you're doing Halloween on a budget, don't waste a ton of money on a costume you'll get around to wearing once! And don't get stuck wearing another boring, cliche costume… Even the simplest ideas can be spruced up significantly with some paint and glitter!

Think you've already mastered the tricks of the trade? Take your make-up skills one step further and go bold with your body painting! Check out the amazing body paint done by Claudia Adelman, and get inspired this Halloween.


Claudia Adelman,

You can find simple make up kits at your local drug store, party supply shop, or Halloween store! Make sure to share your make up ideas and photos with the ladies of Knockout! We can't wait to see your Halloween get up - whether it's sexy or scary!

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