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The Glamour and Glory of Old Hollywood

Look familiar? You've seen this building several times driving down Sunset Boulevard, or perhaps you've even attended an after-party or made an appearance when it used to operate as a nightclub.

However you remember it, The Hollywood Athletic Club is an incredible venue that holds prestigious history, and Knockout Image is excited to be working in its office space!

With 26,000 sq. ft., 15+ private spaces, an on-site kitchen, and other special amenities, the Hollywood Athletic Club has so much to offer to the city of Los Angeles.

Currently, the Hollywood Athletic Club can be booked as event, production, and office space. The expansive property, amazing history, and cultivating popularity make it an ideal spot for Hollywood entertainment.

To give you a better idea of the "Old Hollywood" glamour and glory that this building brings, here are some fun facts about The Hollywood Athletic Club:

- The major historical landmark first opened its doors in 1924, by Holler & Meyer, the same architects who built the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre and the Egyptian Theatre.

- The club has held membership to some of the world's most renown entrepreneurs, actors, athletes, and celebrity socialites, including founding member Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney, John Wayne, and many more.

- Famous films like the 1955 Film Noir Classic, "Kiss Me Deadly" were filmed at the building.

- The first Emmy Awards was held at the Hollywood Athletic Club on January 25th, 1949.

... And it doesn't end there! The Hollywood Athletic Club was built at a time in which Hollywood was in the midst of entering its greatest and most productive period, making it a classic spot for Hollywood entertainment - corporate mixers, events and celebrations, film and productions, and other venue bookings.

Stay tuned and follow the Hollywood Athletic Club on your favorite social media platforms for news and updates:

Schedule a walk-through today to get a better glimpse of the Old Hollywood glamour and what this iconic venue has to offer! E-mail Knockout Image at

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