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by Sheena Pratt, Events & Marketing Assistant

The term, “Pay it Forward” is used in a setting when an individual does something good for another person after he or she has received an act of kindness. This term drives a philosophy that I feel passionately about. We are lucky enough at Knockout Image to be able to pursue our dreams every day and we want to give back to our community and spread the happy spirit.

In researching ways to “Pay it Forward”, I came across a wonderful organization called the “Foundation for Second Chances”. FFSC is a non-profit organization that provides underprivileged youth with a positive environment through after-school programs and mentoring. FFSC held their annual “Gift of Giving” event on December 20th at the Veteran’s Park in Culver City and gladly invited Knockout Image to assist. The event was held on December 20th at the Veteran’s Park in Culver City and was a wonderful experience. Once we arrived, we were immediately greeted with smiles, warmth and appreciation.


Throughout the day, we helped kids with arts and crafts projects, face painting, and sports. We also provided photo booth services with Santa Claus himself, bringing huge smiles all around. Families were treated to a great meal and gifted with toys from the various toy drives the foundation and its partners held.

This experience, for me, was such a breathe of fresh air. Having spent part of my childhood in an underprivileged area, I could easily relate to these families and their everyday struggle. I have been blessed in so many ways to be able to give back and let these families know that there are people who genuinely want to support them and see them happy.

If more people implemented a “Pay it Forward” mentality, imagine how much of a happier place this world would be. I encourage you all to gift someone with a random act of kindness whenever possible. It doesn’t have to cost anything and can even be little things, such as, providing a smile to someone who you may not even know is really needing it. You get what you put out, so why not put out a little positivity.

We encourage you to “Pay it Forward” this holiday season. Not only will it brighten someone else’s day, but it will brighten yours as well!

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